Shy Glizzy Shares His Love For Beyoncé and Lil Wayne On 'TRL'

The "Awwsome" singer's got a lot of love

Two days before he drops Fully Loaded, Shy Glizzy spent the morning on TRL talking about his new music with host Sway Calloway--but first, he had to share some love for a hip-hop legend.

With Tha Carter V debuting at number one this week, Glizzy got on board with the Lil Wayne love, revealing his personal favorite track from the long-awaited album and proclaiming the icon as his favorite rapper.

Glizzy is also connected to another icon: during the On The Run II Tour, Beyoncé performed parts of his song "Awwsome," something she did regularly during the first On The Run Tour. Glizzy calls it a highlight of his career, but his upcoming album, Fully Loaded, should be monumental as well. Hear him explain why he's so excited for Fully Loaded--which includes a collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert--to drop this Friday. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET!