Charli XCX & Nat And Alex Wolff Got The Week Started On 'TRL'

Including a Troye Sivan shout out from Charli

On a Monday morning that was anything but slow, Nat and Alex Wolff wound up deciding host Sway Calloway was their dad and Charli XCX panicked about Christina Aguilera's "Genie In A Bottle." Needless to say, this morning's TRL was a lot.

Getting hype for their new movie, Stella's Last Weekend, Nat and Alex explained how every member of their family, including their dog, played a role in creating the comedy. Patty Draper, Nat and Alex's mom who wrote and directed the film, stood out in a photo to Sway, resulting in a whole mess of the brothers somehow deciding Patty and Sway were their OTP.

Things got even crazier during Bro Code, in which Nat and Alex had to decide if they'd break the brotherly code of conduct in certain situations. They're clearly pretty comfortable each other, because Nat and Alex mutually agreed to break almost every single Bro Code rule. Soon enough, the brothers were back on the Patty and Sway OTP, even calling him "Dad" to make it a certifiably interesting morning.

Just days after dropping her reference-heavy music video for "1999," Charli XCX solidified herself as the authority on all things 90s. Quizzed by Sway, Charli had to decide if certain pop culture events really happened in the year 1999, absolutely nailing her 90s facts about SpongeBob SquarePants and Christina Aguilera.

As a long time Troye Sivan stan and IRL friend, Charli said the two always planned to work together and "1999" just felt like a natural fit for them. Though she wrote the track herself, Charli wasn't sold on it until Troye hopped on as a feature. And it doesn't matter that Charli was seven years old and Troye was four in 1999, as Sway pointed out, because everyone loves a good 90s reference.

Stopping by TRL on a break from Taylor Swift's reputation Stadium Tour, Charli shared her favorite memory from day one of the journey, learning choreography for "Shake It Off" alongside Camila Cabello... or at least attempting to! Charli also expressed her admiration for Taylor's choice to speak out on politics, praising the way that women in pop culture are using their platforms. Hear more about Charli's experience on Taylor's tour below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.