Lauren Jauregui And Melvin Gregg Brought Big Morning Energy To 'TRL'

"Expectations" were exceeded

My literal faves Lauren Jauregui and Melvin Gregg stopped by the TRL studio to get us all over this morning's midweek hump.

For her first solo TRL appearance, Lauren gave host Sway Calloway the rundown of how she feels now that she's embarked on a music career of her own, including the brand new release of her single, "Expectations." Straight from Lauren's mouth to TRL, it's clear that she's got full ownership of her new material.

On "Expectations" itself, Lauren gave Sway five behind-the-scenes facts on the song she wrote herself, including details about the production and recording. Find out how the story that inspired the song ended in the video below.

That wasn't the only behind-the-scenes detail I was excited to hear from Lauren this morning; she also gave insight into her relationship with rapper Ty Dolla $ign. Never before had I heard the nickname "shicken," but Lauren adorably explained why that's the nickname that Ty calls her.

Before the morning ended, Melvin Gregg joined Sway to talk all things high school pranks, something entirely on brand for the star of Netflix's American Vandal season two. With Sway laying out some of the most outlandish pranks, Melvin did his best to guess if they were real or fake. Play along with Melvin and Sway and see how you do below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.