Donna Missal Used Her Platform For Good On 'TRL'

Plus, her powerful performance of "Keep Lying"

Donna Missal used every minute of her TRL appearance this morning to do the very most with the platform she's been given.

Dropping by in a homemade shirt that read "Protect Trans Kids," Donna spoke of the importance of using her voice for good, especially after reports of an anti-transgender memo within the Trump Administration. "You cannot erase a group of people, no matter how marginalized," Donna told TRL host Sway Calloway.

Donna's embracing social causes as her genre, too, naming her style "feminist stripper music" as something that's almost entirely absent from the industry. Though it's an obscure name for a genre, it makes immediately sense after getting to know Donna and her music on TRL.

With her booming voice and powerful lyrics, Donna blew everyone away in TRL's Times Square studio with her performance of "Keep Lying" off her new album, This Time. Check out Donna's must-hear style of "feminist stripper music" below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.