"Sue Me" Star Sabrina Carpenter Proved Herself The Master Of Lawsuits On 'TRL'

'Singular: Act 1' is out today

Never underestimate TRL's ability to turn a song title into a full-blown game, especially if you're Sabrina Carpenter and your album Singular: Act 1 just dropped.

Taking inspiration from Sabrina's album track "Sue Me," TRL's Jamila Mustafa and Kevan Kenney quizzed the pop star on the weirdest lawsuits, challenging Sabrina to deem them true or false. Though Sabrina wasn't perfect, she got off to a top-notch start. Play along with Sabrina and guess the true or false lawsuits below.

Closing out the week, Jamila and Kevan revealed the latest TRL Power Rankings, seeing where the buzziest artists ended up within the top five. With faves like Lay Zhang and Lil Baby just missing the rankings, see where others like Ariana Grande, BTS and the Spice Girls ended up this week. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.