Ashley Tisdale Wasn't Shy About Her Anxiety And Depression On 'TRL'

That's what "Voices In My Head" is all about

There's a good reason Ashley Tisdale's voice is probably in your head, considering the pop star popped by TRL's Times Square studio this morning.

Vocalizing her experiences with anxiety and depression in her new song "Voice In My Head," Ashley told TRL host Sway Calloway how the track touches on the negative thoughts she's continuously worked to overcome. In fact, her forthcoming album Symptoms is all about that battle which Ashley has been fighting.

Before Ashley could go, Sway raided her Instagram, pulling up pictures for the singer to explain. Because of the bond she shares with Sia and dancer Maddie Ziegler—the three all work with the same makeup artist—Ashley dressed as the 16-year-old Ziegler for Halloween last year and had the Instagram posts to prove it. Hear how Ashley fully transformed into Maddie below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.