FIRST LOOK: Rozzi Looks Right Into Your Eyes In Her 'Bad Together' Video

TRL gets an exclusive first look – and now we need tissues

Rozzi's "Bad Together" — the deeply personal track from her debut album of the same name — deserved an equally-personal video. And the singer-songwriter happily obliged.

Two months after dropping Bad Together in November of last year, Rozzi is releasing the one-shot music video for her title track today and gave TRL the exclusive first look. Rozzi might as well offer tissue boxes to viewers of the video, too, as her fans will feel the San Francisco native's break-up pain for all three minutes and 45 seconds.

"I wrote the lyrics to ‘Bad Together’ at a random hotel in Laguna Beach four days after a break up," Rozzi says in a statement shared with TRL. "This song was me trying to find a place for all my emotions - I didn’t care if it was good, I was writing it for myself."

Though she may have written "Bad Together" for herself, Rozzi's soaring yet raw vocals on the track, accompanied by her no-holds-barred lyricism, make the song relatable to anyone who's gone through the end of a relationship.

"Needless to say, it’s a very personal song so we wanted the video to be just as personal," Rozzi continues in the statement. "A single shot of my face with no make up, the emphasis is on the story and the heartbreak behind it."

Directed by Nick Leopold, Rozzi's mission for the video came to life. Looking straight into the camera, Rozzi doesn't just sing "Bad Together" as the background moves behind her – she performs it.

Open up your heart and check out Rozzi's music video for "Bad Together," below.